I want a six pack, and no, not the beer kind!

By | April 27, 2014

If you went out and asked 100 men what part of their bodies they would most like to change, I can guarantee the majority will say their Ab’s. Men obsess about having the perfect six pack rather like woman obsess over having the perfect pert bum and breasts.

The problem is most men get upset when they spend the majority of their gym workouts on the abs believing they will have a rippling toned midriff after five weeks of 1000 sit-ups a day. The actual result is they still have a spare tire round their waist. Sit-ups alone are not going to give you the perfect six pack. In fact you may already have a decent six pack, you just can’t see it!

There are three important things you must do in order to achieve a toned and muscular abdominal area:

  1. Eat Healthy- A well balanced diet cutting out “bad fat” and alcohol, and reducing your calorie intake. The steps below will be wasted if you are eat excess calories that will just be stored as fat!
  2. Burn Fat- You are going to have to work hard, I mean aerobic workouts three to five times a week. Ride the exercise bike like you are on the Tour De France, Run like your doing the 4000 meters and row like your Steve Redgrave. If you are not hot, sweaty and out of breath you are not working harder enough.
  3. Work those Abdominal muscles and supporting muscles – The idea is to work all these areas to build a muscle tube round the waist area. This will define the six pack look. When working on these muscle groups you must control speed and technique otherwise all your efforts will be wasted. For example you would need to aiming for around 3-4 seconds per rep on sit-ups. So 30 sit-ups should take you about 1.5 minutes to complete.

The routine that follows gives you seven exercises to complete. Repeat the entire routine twice every time you work out.

CRUNCHES – Lie flat on you back, put your knees at 90 degrees and place your feet on a chair. Place your hands by your ears and curl your shoulders forwards whilst your lower back remains on the floor. Tense the abdominal’s, breathing in as you lift and breathing out as you lower. Keep a space of tennis ball under your chin, this is to ensure your head stays in line with your spine. Each rep should take 3-5 seconds. Do 40 reps.

REVERSE CURLS – Once again lying on your back, put your legs straight up pointing them towards the ceiling. Roll your bottom up off the floor in a controlled manner, trying not to swing your legs too much. Then return your bottom to the floor whilst keeping your legs straight. Do 30 reps.

STATIC BRIDGE - Lie face down on the floor, toes touching the ground and elbows positioned below your shoulders. Raise yourself up, keeping a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles so that your elbows and toes support your body. Use your abdominal’s to maintain the position and make sure you don’t stick your bottom in the air. If you feel tension in your lower back area, raise your hips a little higher. When you can no longer control your torso, relax and lower your knees to the ground. Hold for 60 Seconds.

TWO-POSITION BRIDGE – Using the same technique as described above in the Static Bridge, hold a straight position for 15 seconds, then raise your hips and bottom by about 10cm. Stay there for 15 seconds. You want to aim for 2 holds in each position totaling 60 seconds.

OBLIQUE CRUNCHES - Laying on your back with your knees bent, place one foot across the opposite knee and place your hands by your ears. Curl your shoulders forward and twist towards the raised knee. Tense the abdominal’s, breathing in as you lift and breathing out as you lower. Keep a space of tennis ball under your chin, this is to ensure your head stays in line with your spine.  Each rep should take 4 seconds. Do 30reps.

STATIC OBLIQUE BRIDGE – Lay on your side and place your bottom elbow directly under your shoulder to support your body. Rest your free hand on your stomach. Place one foot on top of the other,
then raise your self up keeping a straight line from your head to your toes. Use your obliques on the side nearest to the ground to hold the position for 60seconds. Repeat on your other side totalling 4 reps.

HYPEREXTENSION – Lay face down flat on the floor. Place your hands under your chin but off the floor, and whilst keeping toes fixed to the floor raise your torso off the ground. Keep your neck relaxed and your head in line with your back. Keep the movement controlled. Finish the movement slowly lowering the torso to the floor. Do 5 reps, but hold the 5th rep for 5 seconds. Repeat
for a total of 25 reps.